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SeekBeauty™️ - Self Cleaning Hair Brush

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The Self Cleaning Hairbrush facilitates effortless cleaning: Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning. With the self-cleaning hairbrush, removing trapped hair and debris is as simple as pressing a button, saving you time and hassle.

The Self Cleaning Hairbrush improves hygiene: Enjoy a cleaner grooming experience every time. The self-cleaning feature ensures that your brush remains free from accumulated residue, promoting better hygiene and healthier hair.

The Self Cleaning Hairbrush enhances durability: Keep your hairbrush in top condition for longer. By preventing the buildup of hair and debris, the self-cleaning mechanism helps preserve the integrity of the brush, extending its lifespan.

The Self Cleaning Hairbrush is travel-friendly: Perfect for on-the-go grooming. The self-cleaning hairbrush's compact design and hassle-free cleaning make it an ideal travel companion, ensuring you can maintain your hair care routine effortlessly wherever you go.

The Self Cleaning Hairbrush simplifies hair care: Streamline your hair routine with a convenient solution. The self-cleaning hairbrush makes maintaining your hairbrush easier than ever, allowing you to focus on styling your hair with ease and confidence.


  1. Brush as usual: Begin by using the self-cleaning hairbrush like any regular brush

  2. Press the cleaning button: Once you've finished brushing, it's time to activate the self-cleaning feature. With a quick press of the cleaning button, the innovative mechanism goes to work

  3. Watch it work: As you press the button, marvel as the brush bristles retract slightly, releasing trapped hair, lint, and debris effortlessly

  4. Dispose of collected debris: After cleaning, simply dispose of the collected debris from the brush. This step ensures that your brush remains hygienic and ready to deliver optimal results every time

  5. Repeat as needed: Enjoy the convenience of a clean brush with every use. Repeat this simple process whenever necessary to keep your self-cleaning hairbrush in pristine condition, ensuring a flawless hair brushing experience every time

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At SeekBeauty's headquarters we have created a hairbrush that has promotes effortless cleaning with just a press of a button, versatile design for all hair types, and gentle bristles promoting healthier hair. With its sleek and modern look and positive customer feedback, SeekBeauty offers a reliable and convenient grooming solution for all hair types. 
By purchasing through us you are also supporting an Australia owned and operated business, meaning when you place an order you can rely on it being quality and delivered on time as well as supporting an Australian based family. 

NASMATI™ Self-Cleaning Hair Brush – Nasmati Care


Upgrade your hair care routine with the SeekBeauty Self-Cleaning Hairbrush today! Say goodbye to tangled hair nightmares and tedious cleaning sessions. Don't let this opportunity slip away and join countless satisfied customers who have already made the switch to SeekBeauty. For any other questions or inquiries please contact

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Order today and receive your brush with the confidence that if you're not completely satisfied within 30 days of receiving the product, simply return it for a full refund – no questions asked. We're confident that once you experience the convenience, efficiency, and superior quality of our hairbrush, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Take the leap and try it for yourself – you've got nothing to lose and a beautifully groomed hair to gain

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SeekBeauty™️ - Self Cleaning Hair Brush


For best results, use short gentle strokes going from neck to tail avoiding less fur covered areas like the stomach. Carefully adjust pressure based on your pet's tolerance. Be extra careful around bony areas such as hip bones and spine. Always use on a dry coat. Plus you'll get instructions on use delivered with your product.

Not at all! Our PetBrush has been designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. With 51 perfectly sized bristles, the PetBrush massages the skin and coat while removing loose topcoat, dander, dirt, and sand.

Just maneuver the slide back to retract the edges and your pet’s fur, dander, and dirt will come off leaving a clean surface.

The PetBrush was designed with all dog breeds in mind. Due to the adjustable comb, as long as your dog has a fur coat, the PetBrush will be extremely effective. Generally, the longer the coat the more hair the PetBrush® will remove.

Yes, as long as your pet has a coat, the PetBrush will work it's magic and remove loose fur, dirt and undercoat. Be sure to retract the comb suitable to your pets coat.


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